Best Practice SMS Marketing

Best Practice SMS Marketing

If you are new to the use of SMS marketing for your campaigns, then we give you advice on best practices in SMS marketing. This is important to strengthen your database for mobile marketing. Good contact database will increase your ROI and response rate.

These tips apply whether you send messages to your database or send them to a rented database (permission marketing SMS).

#1 Use SMS web landing

It is the first and most important rule. The 160 characters of an SMS can contain a lot of information, but a small SMS landing web can provide even more. First, it allows you to impact the recipient visually. Transmit the colors of your brand and your logo. It also lets you add images, which lighten the text and are striking. Also, you can write all the text you need to explain the promotion.

On the website, you can also include forms for the customer to respond to your SMS. The forms are also used to conduct surveys by SMS, acceptance of conditions, management of withdrawals by SMS, request for extra data, etc. They are the most comfortable and free way for the user to respond to your promotion.

However, in the SMS web landing, it is advisable to always include your email, phone, and links to your social networks. It offers the client all the possibilities so that he can get in touch with you.

#2 Offer Rewards

The conversion of promotion always improves when a reward is offered. Accustom your client to receive a prize when you contact him. In this way, you will still have a positive perception of your promotional SMS and will be looking forward to receiving a new one.

The reward can be, in addition to a direct gift, in the form of discounts for new purchases, exclusive promotions of the SMS channel, raffles to get a prize, etc. Any detail, however small it may seem, will be well received. Do not neglect the special dates either: birthday, wedding anniversary, anniversary since last purchase, etc.

#3 Take Care of the Date and Time

Not every day is the same when it comes to sending an advertising SMS. Monday’s results could be a bit lower, as the recipients unenthusiastically approach a new day after a weekend of rest. It is usually busier and any task that is not a priority, such as attending to advertising, could be a lower priority.

Something similar happens on Fridays, but vice versa. Everyone is already thinking about the weekend, wants to finish when before and will not take care of unnecessary tasks. Therefore, the days that we have left are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the most appropriate days.

As for the schedule, the main thing is not to disturb. Not too soon, not too late. Listening to the phone's sound at an early hour is not the best start to win over your customers. It is also advisable to avoid meal times because the recipient may be distracted and will not hear the message. We recommend sending SMS between 11 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Then, between five in the afternoon and seven thirty. According to our experience, these are the hours in which the clients are most receptive.

Are you planning to start SMS marketing but not sure how to achieve the best result? Signup today and let’s thrive your business!