How text message mobile marketing campaigns can help my business

How text message mobile marketing campaigns can help my business

In the globally developed world we live in today, it has become more and more imperative for companies/businesses to reach out to their customers everywhere and every time. As the technology develops daily, it moves from radio to newsletters, television adverts to the internet, and emails to text messages. Text messaging is undoubtedly the most effective and direct medium of marketing through which a company or business owners could reach its customers. According to statistics, it is more likely that a text message sent will be opened by the recipient in a comparatively short period of time than the promotional message sent through the internet. In the light of this, many companies/businesses have been utilizing diverse means of text messaging to reach their audience and one of these is the use of text message marketing campaigns. These campaigns have a way of appealing to the heart of the recipient almost instantaneously because of their contents. Imagine starting a brand new coffee shop and you send out a campaign via text message to your contacts stating that there will be free cups of coffee daily for the first few customers to patronize your shop. Such campaign would not only reach its destinations instantly but it will be opened and read almost instantly and thanks to the campaign (its contents), it is surely going to draw as much audience as possible to the business.  

We will point out the benefits of these campaigns to businesses by stating a few types of these campaigns.

1. Promotional Campaigns:

This type of text message mobile marketing campaign is best utilized by both new and existing businesses and companies. When you employ this unique campaign strategy, you are sure that your audience will quickly get to know about the new developments in your brand and services. Provided these new developments are customers-friendly, you can start to expect expansion in your business because those existing customers will inform their friends and families about the new promotional offer your business now offers. These messages aim to entice customers to visit a store and, hopefully, make a purchase. Because customers open text messages almost immediately, it's a good idea to write a time-sensitive offer. The time sensitivity creates a sense of urgency. When it comes to email, there is a chance that customers will open them too late – if at all. So, the bottom line is clear, marketing campaigns sent via text message will generate more response than a simple email.

2.  Transactional Campaigns

This type of campaign can help build your brand and develop your business. Transactional text messages can follow a user/customer transaction. Every time a customer makes a purchase (either online or offline) or changes their password (if it’s an online business), there is likely already an automatic text message set up to confirm their action. This can be enhanced so that such messages communicate the values of the brand and is coordinated with other campaigns. Any campaign coordinated along with this existing default message will be opened and read by your customers thereby reminding them of the benefits and values of your brand. They sure will want to come back again!


3.  Urgent Campaigns:

Think about event updates, appointment notifications and custom orders. People check their phones often. In a study by Dscout, it was found that the average cell phone user spends over two hours on their device each day and has roughly 76 unique "sessions."

If you need to get an urgent notice out, text message is the best channel to guarantee that the information gets to the audience immediately. These messages could be a push notification to notify customers that an event has been canceled or a method of informing a consumer of an issue with their order, account, or appointment. This will create a sense of urgency and trustworthiness in the minds of your customers. Buyers will prefer to buy from a brand that keeps them posted rather than from one that sends late messages.

4. Informational Campaigns

Not every company relies on selling goods. Service-based businesses thrive on acquiring appointments or reservations and ensuring that their schedules are fully booked. Text message can be an excellent channel for alerting clients of upcoming meetings – and studies show that they’ve reduced no-show rates by over 23 percent. Alternatively, you can use text message to re-engage customers that haven't scheduled a visit in a while.

This will bring people rushing to make reservations and place orders thereby driving your business more sales. Without this type of campaign, customers might become lackadaisical in their attempts to secure your service.

5. Value intended Campaigns:

Text messages offer a wide range of use-cases that can instantly add value to users. Think of targeted text message sent to users in a particular geography (location based marketing), sending Triggered text message when order is shipped, when a bill is due.


By and large, TEXT MESSAGE MOBILE MARKETING CAMPAIGNS HELP A BUSINESS to grow, develop and expand. After all, customers are the ultimate goal and reaching out to these customers instantaneously is paramount.

Send out a campaign about improved deals and people will start talking about patronizing you because of the new offer you have announced. This will increase your customer-base and guess what, every text message you send will surely be read because almost everybody goes about with their mobile device. Announce the opening of a new business today via a text message marketing campaign and be sure to start receiving orders ASAP.

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