SMS text coupons: What do people like about text coupons?

SMS text coupons: What do people like about text coupons?

Traditional marketing is a thing of the past. We live at the age of fast information, cell phones, and quick decisions. In order to keep up with this new reality many companies, organizations, and shop owners are looking for new ways for advertising and marketing. And one of the most efficient and easy ways to do that is SMS marketing. Especially mobile text coupons!

Text message coupons are usually sent to targeted audiences or customers, and they are filled with discounts, events, new products or services, and offers.

It is proven that SMS text coupons are the quickest, and cost-efficient way to advertise your company alongside with your products, services and most importantly provide exclusive offers and discounts to your clients.

It goes without saying that customers love offers! And providing a simple and easy way to learn about your sales or even new products, is a win-win situation. And we have the reason why customers prefer mobile text coupons.

Read and redeem

Everyone who owns a cellphone knows how easy and convenient it is to send and receive an SMS. It's the second most popular way to engage and communicate with your family and friends. If you are using text messages then, it won't be difficult to receive a coupon on your phone, and use it whenever you want. It’s that easy.

Good for the environment

Did you know that a text message has the lowest impact on your carbon footprint? For example, emails can leave a bigger carbon footprint on the environment. This means that is the eco-friendly way to receive coupons and offers on your phone and don't feel guilty.

24/7 access

There is no doubt that most of us won't leave the house without our cell phone. It’s almost like glued to our hands. And it doesn’t matter if you get an offer at 7:00 in the morning or 9:45 at night. If you receive a good offer, you can celebrate any time of the day.

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Say goodbye to junk email

This is the most important feature of the SMS marketing. You will have the most organized mailbox. Most of us receive spam emails from companies we never heard of, and it can drive us crazy. Customers will choose to give their phone number to companies they trust.  This way they don't have to spend endless hours cleaning the mailbox!

Plus, some companies and brands go over the top and personalise each message in order to make you feel special.

The reports

According to the report “Improving the Performance of Mobile Coupons”, 61.9 % of customers are using grocery and retail-based coupons. Also, the report states that consumers want to have control over the mobile coupon process and they see the feature “push notifications” as more intrusive than a simple text message.

Also, another research has shown that the number of mobile users who use coupons, will continue to grow and by next year is expecting to reach 1.05 billion. That’s a vast market.

The results of the research say that mobile users want something efficient, easy to use and it looks like when it comes to offers and discounts, the SMS coupons as pretty popular.

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