Thinking about how to increase sales? Use promo codes!

Thinking about how to increase sales? Use promo codes!

The discount coupons or promotional codes has changed the behavior of consumers. Moreover, it also changes the way advertisers see how they can increase their sales conversion rate. Nowadays, this strategy is often combined with online marketing.

Besides increasing conversion rate, it also adds some customer loyalty to the brand. If you have a repetitive sales product, you will see how the volume of loyal customers increases gradually.

Then, if you continue to pull the blanket and analyze the type of purchase by customer profile, you will see that you can make offers based on very specific promotional codes to specific types of customers. Thus, it’s increasing your business and market domination.

Undoubtedly, the arrival of promotional codes to stores has marked the beginning of a new online marketing strategy. People usually enter these codes when shopping online.

As you all know, who is not happy with a discount of 5% or 10% on the purchase of something we were looking for before?

What are promo codes?

Promo codes are a new form of discounts that are made at the time of purchase of certain products or services. Its value implies to an offer with price cut. Sometimes, promo codes is only redeemable in certain period of time.

The result is a considerable increase in the conversion. Moreover, the " impulse buying " factor can make this type of campaign go viral.

However, do not think that promotional codes are just a sales and loyalty tool. On several occasions, it is also a good way to attract purchase in a newly launched product. In this case, not only sales are achieved, the knowledge of the brand or newly launched product is also improved.

Advantages of promotional codes

The advantages of promotional codes are not only for the buyer. The advertiser also reaps the benefits, such as:

  • They suppose an interesting saving in the final price of the product or service
  • The proliferation of online platforms of promotional codes has encouraged more and more people to use this type of discount for our purchases
  • Users get to know more brands and more diversity of products with different benefits, so our level of "impulsive purchase" increases.
  • The consumer's perception of the brand improves
  • It allows increasing conversion levels as well as customer loyalty
  • There is a word-of-mouth effect among buyers that generates virality (always depending on the type of product or service)
  • It allows greater visibility of the business, especially on the internet. Promotional codes are ideal when launching new products to a new market
  • Increase in traffic to the web, improvement of web positioning
  • Some profit is lost in the margin per unit sold is more than recovered in the global sales volume.

Did you know?

Keywords like " promotional code", "promotional codes", "discount coupons", "discount coupons" or "best discount coupons" are terms with high monthly search volumes on Google. Have you tried to apply promo codes strategy to your brand? Let us know in the comment below!

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